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Schoolwide Learning Expectations

(Grades TK-2):

Committed Catholics:

·        I am a scholar of God.  I believe in Jesus and go to the Catholic Church.

Academic Achievers:

·        I will try my best to listen and ask questions, to become a lifelong scholar.

Self-Aware Individuals:

·        As I grow, I can show God's love to others by making good choices.

Globally Aware Citizens:

·              I will celebrate that all of God's creations are special.


 (Grades 3-5):

Committed Catholics:

·        Committed Catholics are scholars who live out Christ's mission every day.

Academic Achievers:

·        Academic achievers are scholars who put forth their best effort in their academic studies.

Self-Aware Individuals:

·        Self-aware individuals are scholars who are aware of their health, their surroundings, and their relationships with others.

Globally Aware Citizens:

·        Globally aware citizens are scholars who are aware of their environment and respect the environments of others.

(Grades 6-8):

Committed Catholics Who:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of Catholic doctrine
  • Understand and apply Catholic values and morals by making good choices
  • Exercise leadership roles and participate in communal liturgical celebrations
  • Participate in church and community activities and service projects
  • Pray using memorized and spontaneous prayer
  • Foster Christian values – compassion, tolerance, justice and respect for the dignity of life
  • Respect God's creation

Academic Achievers Who:

  • Demonstrate competency in all subject areas as defined by the Archdiocesan Curriculum Guidelines
  • Read, speak, and write standard English
  • Express clearly, effectively, and confidently their feelings, opinions, and ideas in both oral and written language
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Develop good study habits including organizational skills, effective time management, and consistent effort
  • Use technology appropriately and ethically across the curriculum as a learning tool

Self-Aware Individuals Who:

  • Maintain healthy, positive relationships in a diverse community
  • Work cooperatively in the classroom
  • Develop an understanding of good physical health, including proper diet and good hygiene
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities both in the classroom and in extracurricular activities
  • Display respectful, polite and courteous behavior
  • Set an attainable and realistic goal

Globally Aware Citizens Who:

  • Understand, recognize, and celebrate the uniqueness of all people and their cultures
  • Demonstrate an awareness of and response to local, international, and environmental issues​



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