​C A M P U S   M I N I S T R Y

CSHM's beliefs, values, and goals are reflected every day in the life of our community. Each class, activity, and service builds upon the talents, experiences, spirit, and love we share. These make us who we are. 

Guided by the Catholic Church's belief and the school's philosophy To Teach As Jesus Did, Cantwell-Sacred Heart of Mary High School 's administration, faculty, staff, and student body continually strive to develop and improve their Catholic, academic, spiritual and emotional lives. Students' co-curricular activities are designed to facilitate interaction and growth between the CSHM campus community and the surrounding community.

The spiritual life of every CSHM student is encouraged and enhanced by daily class prayer, and frequent liturgies, directed and prepared by each class which incorporates a specific theme utilizing scripture and music.  Selected students, faculty, and staff participate as altar servers, lectors, musicians, and Eucharistic ministers. Every morning the administration welcomes the students and begins the day with a meditation and prayer. Teachers and/or students lead prayers and offer intentions at the start of every class. Many athletic events are preceded by a prayer service in the Chapel led by the Campus Minister. The Campus Minister and team aid classes in planning liturgical events, develops and leads class retreats and prayer services including Memorials, Ash Wednesday, Blessing of the Throats, First Friday Service, Stations of the Cross, Adoration and Reconciliation services. The Campus Ministry team attends funerals, confirmation, special liturgies, and other services for members of the community and student body.​

The Campus Ministry Program seeks to fulfill its spiritual goals and objectives through:

  1. The liturgical year and significant feasts.
  2. Spiritual counseling for students and their families.
  3. Opportunities for Liturgies and Reconciliation.
  4. Retreats and off-campus retreat programs.
  5. A vocation awareness program.



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