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The Christian Service Program at Cantwell Sacred Heart Mary High School is a required program for all the students who attend CSHM high school. This program is developed in collaboration with students, faculty members and the school leadership.  The Christian Service Program is outlined in our school philosophy: Every aspect of the school program is based on the foundation of "To Teach As Jesus Did," bringing Christ and His message into the educational experience, collaborating with parents as the primary educators to develop young men and women of character. The Christian Service Program is under the direction of the Campus Ministry Department and is administered through religion classes. It is an academic requirement and a crucial element of our spiritual program.  Freshman students are required to complete 25 service hours, Sophomores 25 service hours per school year.  Junior students are required to complete 30 community service hours and seniors are required to complete 35 community service hours.  Seniors completing the three step criteria outlined below will be rewarded with a white cord of exemplary service to wear at graduation.  Those who exceed the required number of Christian service hours are awarded a light blue cord of distinction to be worn at graduation. 

Students are given a Christian Service letter/contract at the start of each school year through their religion teacher. This letter/contract is to be read and signed by both student and parent/guardian and return to the religion teacher the next school day.  Students are provided with a Christian Service Program Hours Attained Form which must be completed and signed by the student, parent/guardian and supervisor of the organization where the student is volunteering. This form must be turned in to the student religion teacher and the number of hours recorded in on the CSHM class room roll sheet. A copy of the roll sheet is provided to the Campus Minister at the end of each semester. The Campus Minister will log in the current volunteer hours for each student attending CSHM High School on the master ledger after the annual April, deadline date.


Senior Eligibility for White Cord Criteria

              a.           Complete a minimum of 100 Christian Service Hour within the four years

              b.           Provide proof of service hours in each of the following three venues

                             i.            At Cantwell-Sacred Heart of Mary High School 

                             ii.           At the student's church or parish organization

                             iii.          At a community, non-profit organization



Note: If a student is a registered member of a volunteer organization (Church or community group), this is not considered as an automatic duty served for credit hours. Students must actually do volunteer duties. He or she must turn in the "Hours Attained Form" reflecting the number of hours served to achieve credit for accumulative hours served. 

At the completion of the student Junior year the Christian Service Hours will be recorded on the student transcript and therefore become a part of their permanent record.

The CSHM requirements for students are as follows:

12th Grade            25 Hours of Christian Service

11th Grade            25 Hours of Christian Service

10th Grade            25 Hours of Christian Service

9th Grade              25 Hours of Christian Service



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