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The Christian Service Program at Saint Genevieve High School is intended to provide all students the opportunity to put into practice the command of Jesus to, "Love one another as I have loved you" (John 15:12) through practical hands-on service to the people of the community. The rich tradition of the Catholic faith provides us with our foundation for service in the Corporal Acts of Mercy, as identified by Jesus in Matthew 25. Use these as your guide to live the commandments and to choose your service opportunities. ​​​


​     To feed the hungry

     To give drink to the thirsty

     To clothe the naked

     To visit the imprisoned

     To shelter the homeless

     To visit the sick

     To bury the dead

During the school year, every student at Saint Genevieve High School - regardless of religious affiliation, is required to participate and complete Christian service events. The purpose for students to complete Christian service retreat events is to provide them with the opportunity to express and experience God's grace through personal and community outreach, which will help them in their individual faith journey. Through active participation in completing Christian service retreat events, students will develop new friends, rejoice in discovering their talents, and experience the joy of giving all while glorifying God.

The procedure for documenting Christian service retreat events is outlined in the following pages of this handbook. Please read the procedure carefully, and as you do so pray for ways that you can minister to those in need. 

Please note that the Christian Service Events are a school requirement and a call to discipleship.  A student risks their enrollment at Saint Genevieve High School if he/she does not complete their Christian Service Events. Seniors will not be allowed to graduate unless they have completed all the events.​

"In every way I have shown you that by hard work of that sort we must help the weak, and keep in mind the words of the Lord Jesus who himself said, 'It is more blessed to give than to receive." - Acts 20: 35

Christian Service Program


Saint Genevieve High School Christian Service Program provides an opportunity for students to participate and put into practice our school mission statement, "To know God, to live with honor, to change the world"

During the school year, students will be participating in service retreat events by each grade level. We will no longer count service hours performed by students. We will develop a service retreat event where each student will be able to actively contribute to their school, community and others in need. Freshmen students will provide service to our school community and parish. Sophomores will offer service at local food donations centers that help our local neighboring community. Junior students will provide service outside of our school and Panorama City, they will travel to feeder schools and assist them with classroom and facility needs. Seniors will participate in a program to help homeless families in the city of Los Angeles.      

Senior Year:

  • Seniors will actively participate in a program that provides goods and service to homeless families  
  • Students will donate and create care bags for these families.
  • Students will also distribute the bags and provide other services to assist these homeless families.
  • Students will document their participation via photos/videos and create a presentation.
  • Teachers and students will take part in a reflection activity to recognize the importance of service and giving to homeless families​​

Junior Year:

  • Juniors will provide various types of service to various elementary and junior high schools in the San Fernando Valley, including Saint Genevieve.
  • Students may assist in some of the following activities when in attendance of visiting other schools: tutoring, classroom/playground assistance, facility support, and student mentoring and parent aid.     
  • Students will document their participation via photos/videos and create a presentation.
  •  Teachers and students will take part in a reflection activity to fully understand the importance of service to those who support our school community.


  • Sophomores will provide service to local food donation organizations that collect goods for needy individuals.
  • Students will donate and provide aid to assemble food packages for low income seniors, women with infants, and children.
  • Students will record their activity and create a presentation.
  • A reflection activity will also take place to help students understand the significance of serving the poor and needy.​


  • Freshmen students will complete their service retreat at Saint Genevieve Parish.
  • Students will assist in Saint Genevieve Parish functions such as; fundraisers, youth events and school/parish related occasions.
  • Students will be assigned to actively participate in events throughout the year that will help them understand the importance of service in our own school and parish community.
  • Students will document their participation and create a presentation.



  • Each service event will take place at least once or twice per school year
  • Each grade level Religion teacher will coordinate the events and send permission slips and information home to parents/guardians.


  • A transportation fee may be required per student based on the event location.
  • Money or lunch might be necessary dependent on the event. A bagged lunch can also be brought if the event details permit it.     ​​

What if

  • I do not attend the service retreat with my class/period due to an unforeseen event: You will be assigned to attend with another class/period as make-up.
  • I do not attend a make-up service retreat with another period: Students that do not attend their service retreat will be assigned 40 hours of service to complete. These hours must be completed at a specific service center with an assigned representative. Grade level Religion teachers will assign these make up locations.
  • I do not complete the 40 hours: Students that do not complete their 40 hours can be denied registration for the following school year and assessed a fee. Seniors will be ineligible to participate in the graduation ceremony.   



The Saint Genevieve school community prides itself on service and giving. We ask that all parents and guardians support us in our efforts to improve our service program. We strive to make a difference at school, at home, in our community and in the world.  


We try to teach that service is an opportunity not an obligation. An opportunity to see Christ in others and show them Christ in us. If they enjoy being of service to others, it is all the more likely that they will continue to volunteer as adults.



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