​​Students at St. Genevieve have multiple opportunities to participate on Retreats, information disseminaed by Theology Department. ​

Freshmen:  All freshmen are invited to attend the overnight retreat hosted at St. Genevieve High School supervised by teachers and staff.   The freshmen overnight retreats are divided up by gender and small groups are led by our senior leaders.    The retreats take place on two consecutive week-ends during the month of August.  Students participate in a variety of activities acclimating them to high school life and form unique bonds with the other students in their freshmen class. 
Sophomores:  Sophomore students participate in an off campus one day retreat during the school year.  This retreat provides them on opportunity to grow spiritually and reflect on the person they want to become.  
Juniors/Seniors: Juniors and Seniors are invited to attend our flagship retreat - Kairos.  This 4 day overnight retreat, invites young adults to grow closer in their relationship to God and to make the Catholic faith their own as they begin to transition into adulthood.
St. Genevieve High School encourages all students to participate in the above retreats.​



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