Students and parents must recognize the importance of regular school attendance. Regular attendance is an important factor in the mastery of school subjects and for academic success. Students are expected to be in class daily and to be on time for classes. The school discourages the scheduling of appointments during the school day.

Therefore, in the event of a student missing ten (10) or more school days in a semester or ten (10) or more in the same class period in a semester, credit may be denied for the class or the grade reduced. Seniors absent (10) or more days in the second semester may not be eligible to participate in Graduation activities. Both excused and unexcused absences count in computing ten (10) absences.​


Most events such as Masses, the Hollywood Bowl concert, Open House, class retreats, the Homecoming Parade and Football game, Welcome Freshmen Day, Back to School Night and other Evening Days of school are considered school days and attendance is required like any other school day.

SGHS recognizes the need to graduate knowledgeable young men and women as well as cultivating leadership and moral development is greater today than ever before. Therefore, to educate our youth beyond the textbooks and classroom curriculum it is important to our philosophy and mission that attendance at these events is a necessary component for continued enrollment. Students who are consistent in missing several of these events may be asked to withdraw or re-registration may be denied.


If a student is absent from school, the following procedure must be followed:

  • Parents/guardians only must call the Main Office at (818) 894-6417 x 100 each day the student is absent. Failure to call by 9:00 a.m. will result in an unexcused absence. Parents will receive an automated message informing parent/guardian of student's absence, if school has not been contacted.
  • Parents and/or students must notify the student's academic counselor and teachers of their absences, in an effort to keep up to date on their academics.
  • A prolonged absence of five or more days due to illness requires a note from a Doctor's office for re-admittance to school. The doctor's note must be presented to the main office upon the student's return to class.
  • A note explaining the reason for the absence and signed by a parent or guardian is required upon returning to school. The note must be given to the main office, even if a parent has telephoned the school regarding the student's absence.
  • When the parents or guardians are out of town, it is their responsibility to inform the school of who will be contacted for absences, school concerns and whom to notify in cases of emergency.​

Excused & Unexcused Absences​

Students with unexcused absences may not be allowed to make up missed work. Schoolwork missed because of an excused absence must be made up according to the teacher's classroom policies. It is the student's responsibility to make arrangements with the teacher.


A student absent three or more days may request homework and other class assignments from their teachers. Students should also include their academic counselor in their requests to teachers. Students absent less than three days are encouraged to get assignments from their class Edmodo and contact teachers via e-mail.​



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