Tardiness is defined as the arrival on campus after the first period has begun or the arrival in class after the bell has rung to begin class (student must be in his/her assigned seat). Tardiness is disruptive to the educational process. All tardies will be considered unexcused, without approval of an administrator. Tardies are cumulative, counted for every class, and cleared at the semester.




•          Step 1

1st to 4th tardy – Warning to student. Presented by one or more of the following manner: verbally by teacher and/or attendance office, automated call to parent on the day student is tardy, or email by the Director of Character Formation.


•          Step 2

5th tardy – A two hour Saturday detention will be issued with a $20.00 fee, that will be donated to our sister school in South Sudan, Saint Genevieve for Girls. A parent conference will need to be held. Parent conferences will need to be made during school hours. Students may be asked during detention to perform tasks that will be beneficial to their school and/or community. However, these tasks may not be counted towards Christian Service Hours. Failure to complete a Saturday detention will result in an automatic suspension the following school day.


•          Step 3

6th tardy – 1 month of financial assistance may be forfeited.


•          Step 4

7th tardy – 2 months of financial assistance may be forfeited.


•          Step 5

8th tardy – Student may be asked to withdraw. Parents and/or student may request a Discipline Review Board.


Please note that students may move up to the next step before parents/guardians can be notified of the students infractions.


In addition, failure on the part of the students and /or Parents/Guardians to return signed paperwork does not exclude the student from further consequences.



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