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Any financial exchange with the school should always be done with the school itself…checks, money order made payable to St. Genevieve Schools.

No credit card transactions over $100 will be made in the main office.

When cash is exchanged, it should be done in the main office or school store where a school receipt will be issued.

Office personnel are instructed to always issue a receipt for cash. 

For your own protection and well-being, checks and money orders should never be written to an individual teacher, coach or moderator.  It is also to ensure accurate record and bookkeeping.

Parents/Guardians are asked in the parent handbook to alert the administration if there is any deviation to this policy.  If for any reason you intend to deviate from the policy, please consult the appropriate administrator.

If the administrator grants permission to deviate, please secure that permission in writing.


Saint Genevieve High School is grateful to all parents/students who take their financial obligations seriously and meet them in a timely manner.  For the school to meet its financial obligations, it is necessary that tuition and fees be made on time.

Communication with the Tuition Manager:  It is necessary that when there is a possibility that an agreed upon payment may be late there must be immediate communication with the tuition office.

When financial obligations are not met: it then becomes a challenge for the school to meet its financial obligations to faculty, staff, vendors and utility companies.  Therefore, the school reserves the right to withhold testing, grades and diplomas as well as to deny students the privilege of participating in school sponsored activities including but not limited to dances, prom, grad night, and graduation. 


Participating in graduation, grad night, the prom and other affiliated activities are privileges; they are not rights.  Any student who is not current with any and all tuition and fees will likely be denied the opportunity to participate in the graduation ceremony and other senior privileges as determined by the school.  The school reserves the right to determine dates for deadlines regarding any and all such monies.  Additionally, the school reserves the right to apply money paid for graduation fee, prom, grad night and other such events to any tuition in arrears and the student will then be denied the opportunity to participate in said events. 


  • When tuition is 10 calendar days past due, a student may no longer be permitted to attend classes and/or participate in school events until tuition becomes current.
  • Students will receive grades of "Incomplete" until tuition is current.
  • Final semester exams must be made up within three school days or an "Incomplete" grades becomes an "F."
  • The school reserves the right to pursue legal means to collect any outstanding tuition and fees.


Tuition Office Contact:  (818) 894-6417 ext. 104 with any questions or concerns


There is a $35.00 penalty for check returned by the bank, as Non-Sufficient Funds. Money orders will be required for all future payments.



There is a $30.00 penalty for all payments that are made (10) days after the due date. This includes payments returned due to Non Sufficient funds.


Tuition payments must be made through FACTS

In order to be efficient and accurate, tuition collection is done through FACTS Tuition Management Program.  FACTS requires an enrollment fee to use the program which is paid by parents.

If you have any questions regarding FACTS, please contact FACTS at (800) 624-7092.



 A family with an unpaid balance for the current school year may not register for the following school year until the tuition for the current school year is paid in full, unless special payment arrangements have been made in a writing signed by school's principal or administrator. School records, diplomas or transcripts will not be released until all tuition and other charges have been paid in full. ​



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