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A Goal of Saint Genevieve School is to turn no deserving student away due to financial circumstances. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to apply only with integrity and honesty.  A family risks losing any and all financial aid if it is determined that any member of the family is not cooperating with the terms of agreement or not acting out of integrity.

1.      The Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) Each year CEF offers many of our families financial support in the amount of $2,000 per child.  A family should first fill out the application for CEF before applying to Saint Genevieve. 

CEF applications will be made available through our main office in November and must be returned to our main office by December 15, 2020. 

2.      Saint Genevieve Financial Aid

Negotiated & based on available funding


Preference will be given to families who have first attempted to secure a grant through the Catholic Education Foundation.  To apply for financial assistance through Saint Genevieve the following is required:

  • A $50.00 processing fee in a form of a check or money orders must be submitted with completed packet
  • Tuition Grant application must be completed and turned in with required paperwork to the main office by 04/20/2020 for returning students and by 01/20/2020 for incoming 9th grade students(late applications will not be considered)
  • Registration fee must be paid
  • Proof of Income
  1. 2019 completed income tax returns or
  2. 2018 completed income tax returns plus 2019  W-2s
  3. If a family member has not worked anytime during the last 12 months, they must provide a formal & legal notice / action of layoff status, disability benefits, social security benefits, unemployment benefits, and/ or welfare benefits, and court order of legal separation/divorce for spousal and child support.
  • Submit 3 months of bank statements (checking, savings …)
  • Submit car registration form(s)
  • Student must participate in one fundraiser and perform 5 hours of service to the school
  • Student must currently have a minimum of 2.0 GPA to be considered for tuition award
  • Student must maintain the 2.0 GPA each grading period or risk losing the tuition award
  • Students must refrain from being suspended or placed on probation by the Administration
  • Parents agree to participate in two major fundraisers by selling $360 worth of fundraising.
  • Each family receiving more than $2,000.00 per child in grant assistance is required to purchase $1,500.00 in Scrip.
  • Parents agree to complete the required number of service hours or pay $15.00 for each hour not served


FINANCIAL ASSITANCE MUST BE APPLIED FOR ANNUALLY:  Parents/guardians must apply for a new financial assistance every year. The amount of the assistance may vary from year to year based on a financial circumstances of each family as well as the finances of the school.


IF ASSITANCE IS NO LONGER REQUIRED:  If the financial circumstances of any family receiving financial aid improves, please alert the tuition office so the monies may be used to help another family in need. ​

To qualify for this financial assistance you have to agree to the following terms. 

TERMS OF Financial Assistance


  • Maintain a positive attitude and do your best at all times and be your best.
  • Show respect for all members of the school community, their property, and school property.
  • Complete all assignments in a timely manner.
  • Work toward being a positive role model and leader.
  • Remain in strong attendance standing
  • Must maintain a minimum academic G.P.A. of 2.0 or better with no "D" or "F" letter grades.
  • Attend tutoring sessions as per counselor's recommendation.
  • Attend all Night School Events and Open House or risk losing the assistance.
  • Follow all the rules in Parents/Student Handbook. St. Genevieve recommends that all students read the Parent/Student Handbook which is posted on our website;
  • I agree to participate in fundraising activities during the school if asked.
  • I agree to perform 5 hours of service for my school. ​

California Scholarship Federation (C.S.F.)

Application for membership in C.S.F. must be submitted at the beginning of each semester for the previous semester.  To be eligible for membership, a student must accumulate ten points from no more than five classes in a semester.  A grade of "A" equals 3 points; "B" equals 1 point; except in a U.C. designated honors class or an Advanced Placement class, where a grade of "B" equals 2 points. A grade of "C" equals 0 points. A "D" or "F" in any subject bars a student from membership for that semester.  The students provide a tutoring program aimed at helping students who have difficulties with various subjects.



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