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​​​​​​The Synod Implementation and Regional Pastoral Councils have set effective communications as a key priority. In 2013, Archbishop José H. Gomez established Radiate LA as the archdiocesan Office of New Evangelization. Radiate LA coordinates the local Church's programs to spread the Gospel by increasing Catholics' knowledge and love of their faith and inspiring them to pray and perform works of mercy.

The archdiocese and its locations currently provide clergy, staff, students, parents/guardians, parishioners, and other authorized users with access to information technology devices, equipment, and resources to enable them to fulfill their various responsibilities in the archdiocese. The Archdiocesan Community Email Service (ACES), which is the archdiocesan-wide email and authentication system, facilitates broad and effective use of electronic communications in the archdiocese. All locations are required to maintain at least one account in the ACES system to facilitate communications and access to internal systems hosted by various ministries.

All users of archdiocesan information technology, data, and records, whether the users are lay or clergy, paid or volunteer, have a personal obligation to teach and emulate responsible use, to respect the policies, and to apply technology in a safe, secure, and dignified manner. All electronic communications are subject to various state and federal laws, as well as the applicable policies of the archdiocese and the particular location, as appropriate.

To guide locations to resources and to respond to direct questions or concerns, the eReference Desk is available for all locations through the Archdiocesan Catholic Center​.

This chapter describes the current efforts of the local Church to integrate technology, provides a background on the technology oversight policy in the archdiocese, and sets forth the Acceptable Use and Responsibility Policy for Electronic Communications ("Archdiocesan AUP")​ and the copyright and privacy policies that apply to all locations and all users. Also see Frequently​ Asked Questions​.​