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​​​​​​Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy for Students​​

​​All parish elementary schools, parish and archdiocesan high schools, and religious education programs are committed to assisting students in becoming responsible digital citizens. They can do so by giving students authentic experiences that build their skills in collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking and that prepare them for their current and future educational experiences and careers. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies are designed to meet this objective for students who bring or use their own electronic devices in schools or parishes or as part of their studies and faith formation.

Students may bring personal electronic devices to Locations for educational purposes with the approval of the school administration. While at school, students are required to connect to the school's filtered network connection that is compliant with the Internet Safety Policy.

Responsibility for Personal ​Devices and Their Use

  • All students and their families are required to follow the Acceptable Use ​and Responsibility Policy for Electronic Communications (Archdiocesan AUP).

  • Students are solely responsible for their own personal devices and are to permanently label devices with identifying information.

  • The Location assumes no financial or other responsibility for personal devices if they are lost, loaned, damaged, or stolen.

  • Personal devices are subject to investigation in accordance with the Archdiocesan AUP​ and the Archdiocesan Administrative Handbook (see School ​Searches).

  • Students are expected to keep their devices safe and secure at all times.​

  • If a student uses a personal device or any of its functions in a manner that intentionally violates the Location's policies or the Archdiocesa​n AUP​, the student will be subject to disciplinary consequences.

Each Location may develop its own additional BYOD guidelines to accommodate its individual situation, but all guidelines must be consistent with the policies in Communications Policies and Students and Families. Parents/guardians must sign the Bring Your Own Device Policy Acknowledgement Form​ indicating their agreement with the Location's BYOD Policy.​​