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​11.2.2 School Days​​

​​​ Regular Days

For kindergarten programs, a regular school day is a minimum of three hours per day, or 900 minutes per week. It is recommended that all schools offer a full-day kindergarten program.

For first through eighth grades, the regular school day is a minimum of six and a half hours, or 1,950 minutes per week.

Opening and closing hours for the regular school day are determined locally, taking into consideration the needs of the students (e.g., instruction, prayer, liturgies, assembly, recess, lunch, and any other matters that need to be scheduled). Exceptions to Regular Days

The regular school day may be shortened for the following purposes:

  • Staff in-service programs and/or planning meetings, in addition to the regularly scheduled faculty meetings

  • Conferences between parents/guardians and teachers

A minimum day is four teaching hours and includes the following regular authorized minimum days:

  • The first two days of the school year for all students

  • The first week of the school year for transitional kindergarten, kindergarten, and first grade students, if such a schedule provides better orientation

  • The day preceding Thanksgiving vacation

  • The day preceding Christmas vacation

  • The day preceding Easter vacation

On the last day of the school year, all students may be dismissed before noon.​