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​​ Consultative School Boards

​​​Elementary schools in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles​ may have a consultative school board to assist the school community in its essential goals of educating young people and passing on the Catholic faith and its traditions to students. 

The purpose of the consultative school board is to promote broader participation in the operations of the school, to invite administrative and financial counsel in formulating school policies, and to assist in devising and maintaining plans designed to assure the school's success.  The consultative school board may be engaged in such matters as planning, policy development, financing, development, technology, public relations, buildings and grounds, alumni relations, marketing and evaluation of the board's goals, and activities of the board. 

Consultative school boards are required to work with other established groups in the school and parish community, including a parent-teacher organization, the parish council, and the Parish Finance Council​. No more than one-third of the board membership should be the parents/guardians of currently enrolled students.

Consultative school boards serve at the pleasure of the pastor and principal, and all actions of the board shall be seen as counsel to the pastor and principal, who shall act in good faith and without prejudice in accepting such counsel, provided that no board-recommended action conflicts with applicable Church laws, archdiocesan policies and practices, or civil law governing school administration.​

​Schools that wish to establish a consultative school board should contact the assistant regional superintende​nt at the Department of Catholic Schools​ to obtain assistance and models for investigation, education, and planning. See the Elementary School Consultative School Board: Constitution and Bylaws (sample).​

1-25-2022, 6-29-2022