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​ Administration and Philosophy of All High Schools​

Archdiocesan high schools are organized and governed by the archdiocese through the Department of Catholic Schools and are administered by principals, and where applicable, presidents.

Parish high schools are administered by pastors and principals and, where applicable, presidents. Parish high schools are organized and financially supported by specific parishes but serve the community of students who attend. The principal and/or president of a parish high school is responsible to the pastor and accountable to the Department of Catholic Schools for the implementation of archdiocesan policies and procedures.

Private Catholic high schools are directly accountable to the religious institute or the governing board that owns and sponsors the school according to its individual bylaws. Private Catholic schools exist as Catholic institutions in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles with the approval of the archbishop; accordingly, they are expected to adhere to the policies and procedures of this Administrative Handbook that relate to Catholic identity and religious education.

High schools in the archdiocese have a written statement of philosophy that explains the purpose of the institution. The philosophy is based on the archdiocesan mission for Catholic education and follows the guidelines of the Western Catholic Education Association and Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

​Consultative​ Boards/Committees​

All high school boards, organizations, and/or committees are advisory to the president or principal. These groups include parent-teacher organizations, booster clubs, development boards, and any official organization of the school. No school organization may operate independently of the school principal. All activities of the organization must receive the approval and permission of the president or principal. Organizations such as alumni groups cannot engage in any fundraising activities that are not approved by the principal or president.

Please see the Archdiocesan and Parish High Schools Consultative School Board (CSB) Bylaws.​