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​​5.10.5 Staff Health/Medical Records​​​

Health and medical records are protected by various rights to privacy. Accordingly, these records should be kept separate from personnel files and may be reviewed only by persons with a need to know.

Health and medical records include:

  • Claim forms—completed by employee

  • Disability accommodation requests

  • Doctor's verification for leave of absence or sick leave

  • Enrollment/Change Form​ —​completed by employee​

  • Exposure to hazardous substances records, if any

  • Medical and Family Leave requests

  • Notice of prescription or other legal drugs that may impair judgment or physical coordination (see Substa​nce Abuse​)

  • Records of interactive process to accommodate disability

  • Sick leave requests

  • T​​​uberculosis ​e​​xamination documentation, if applicable

  • Vaccination or immunization records, if applicable

  • Waiver of medical insurance forms

  • Workers' compensation claim records

  • Work-related injury reports