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​5.4 Recruitment and Hiring Overview

​Links to step-by-step procedural checklists are provided for specific guidance throughout this section. Locations should refer to the checklists where indicated to ensure that all required steps are taken and forms are completed.

​For job postings, locations must provide pay scale information – which means the salary or hourly wage range that the location reasonably expects to pay for a job position – as follows:

• upon reasonable request, to a person who is applying for employment (that is, someone looking for a job who isn’t currently employed by the location in any capacity or position);

• upon request, to an employee for the position in which the employee is currently employed;​

• in any job posting for any position;

• to any third party retained by the location to announce, post, publish, or otherwise make known a job posting; the third party job posting must contain the pertinent pay scale.

​Locations must keep the information about an employee’s job title and wages paid in accordance with the archdiocesan Document Retention Policy.

Applicants and employees may complain within one year to the California Labor Commissioner or file a civil lawsuit for injunctive relief (a court order) for violations of Labor Code Section 432.3; potential penalties range from $100 to $10,000 per violation.  Employers who fail to keep records as required are presumed to be at fault.

3-10-21, 8-12-23


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