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​​​Volunteer Construction Work​​

​​​​​​​The archdiocese discourages the use of volunteers to perform construction work on archdiocesan properties because of the risk of injury, the liability exposure, and the lack of ​warranty. If a volunteer becomes injured, medical costs can well offset or even exceed the cost of paying a qualified and insured contractor to do the work. To guarantee proper insurance coverage, a licensed contractor must supervise any volunteer performing a service that would normally require a license if the volunteer were to be paid. These services include but are not limited to construction, repair work, and activities to fulfill service hour commitments.

Volunteers should not:

  • Work below ground level, such as underground plumbing, trenching, or excavating

  • Perform roof repairs

  • Use ladders, scaffolding, platforms, or lifts

  • Perform electrical repairs

  • Use power tools

  • Perform strenuous labor, lifting, or hoisting

  • Work around environmental hazards​, such as asbestos, lead-based paint, and mold

Volunteers should be asked to sign the Volunteer Agreement (English version and Spani​​sh version​) before beginning any work. See Volun​teers for additional information regarding volunteers.​