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 Arrival/Dismissal  Procedures


If you drop off or pick up a student in an area other than the parking lot, please be aware of the traffic laws of the city.  Many times redlined areas are blocked by cars.  Do not double park!  This blocks the safety of crosswalks.  Scholars are taught safety measures in the classroom.  It is the obligation of all adults to model the use of these safety rules.  We cannot expect our scholars to obey rules if we as adults choose to ignore them. Every driver is responsible for the safety of their scholar and every scholar at this school.  Parents who are considered unsafe drivers may be fined, reported to police, and/or be required to meet with administration​

Parents must file a "Permission to Walk Home" form, no later than the second week of school.  Otherwise, the child will not be permitted to leave campus until the note is on file.  If your child is walking home directly, children cannot loiter in front of the school or near school premises.  Once the student is off-campus, the parents take full responsibility for the safe arrival of their child. 


Faculty meetings are held EVERY WEDNESDAY.  Scholars are dismissed at 2:15 p.m.  Please arrange to pick up your scholar at this time.  It is very dangerous to leave scholars unsupervised.  Students not picked up by 2:30 p.m. will be sent to after school care.