OLG Financial Agreement
2023 - 2024

Tuition and Fees
I/We, as Parent(s) or Guardian(s), accept responsibility for payment of the tuition and fees as stated on the Tuition Schedule. I/We understand that yearly tuition and fees for the 2023-2024 school year must be paid in one of two ways in FACTS Tuition Management: in full by August, 2023, or monthly.


Delinquent Tuition 

Our Lady of Grace School depends on tuition and fees to fund a significant part of its operating budget.  In return, our families' children are provided with an excellent academic and spiritual program in a faith-filled environment.  Past due tuition is a serious matter.  If family financial circumstances change to such a degree that warrants re-evaluation of the tuition commitment, it is the responsibility of the family to contact the principal as soon as possible.

Our Lady of Grace School families must understand that tuition is a priority and critical to the efficient functioning of the school.  Families with past due accounts may not be able to participate in extracurricular activities including sports, drama, and other enrichment programs.  Continued delinquency may lead to withholding of report cards and diplomas, exclusion from graduation activities, and/or students being required to withdraw from Our Lady of Grace School.


End of School Year Balance

All tuition and fees must be paid in May 2024. Students will not be permitted to re-register or return for the following academic year until outstanding balances are paid in full. The school reserves the right to transfer any pre-paid registration fees to outstanding tuition and/or fee balances. 


Parishioner Status

Our Lady of Grace Parish is committed to making a Catholic education available 

and affordable to actively practicing Catholics.  As primary educators, parents share an obligation to support their child/children with a personal commitment to their faith and the Parish.  Families that actively and regularly support the parish are offered a special parishioner tuition rate.   


The parish rate is reserved for active parish families who attend Sunday Mass frequently, are registered with the parish, and contribute regularly through Faith Direct with a minimum of 26 envelopes each school year (from July 1 to June 30). There is no minimum donation requirement expected of families to the parish—the most important thing is presence at Sunday Mass and to the community! Families should contact Faith Direct to request personalized post cards that can replace Sunday envelopes for attendance verification purposes.


Families who have been approved for the parish rate should note that parish records will be reviewed at the end of each quarter to ensure that families are meeting their obligation to the parish community. Families in the 2023 - 24 school year who drop off in their parish attendance and/or giving will be moved from the parish rate to the full tuition rate with retroactive tuition charges applied.


Families must apply each year for the parish rate by the stated deadline (see the online school calendar).  Families who fail to apply before the deadline will forfeit any claim to the parish rate for the following school year. No exceptions will be granted. 


Financial Assistance
Parish families who would like to apply for financial assistance must do so using the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment application process.  Applications are submitted online via the FACTS link on our website, and are due in March as stated on the school calendar.  Federal tax returns are required as proof of income. 


Families must apply each year for financial aid by the stated deadline (see the online school calendar).  Families who fail to apply before the deadline will forfeit any claim to financial aid for the following school year. No exceptions will be granted. 


Families whose income meets the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) New Enrollment Initiative (NEI) program's income guidelines will be expected to apply for financial aid with CEF first. School-generated financial assistance will be provided after CEF's award where applicable. See the Office Manager for more information.   


Volunteer Hours
Each family is required to complete 30 volunteer service hours during the school year to be completed by April 26, 2024. Unfulfilled volunteer hours are billable at $25 per hour.  Twelve (12) of the 30 hours must be volunteered during the October school/parish carnival.   Unfulfilled carnival hours are billable at $100 per hour.  Parents may perform service hours at Our Lady of Grace Parish to a maximum of 15 reported service hours provided that those hours are completed such that a parish staff member can verify those hours. Parents must complete Virtus training before volunteering at the carnival or any other school activity.  There will be no reduction of volunteer hour obligations if there is no valid Virtus certificate on file for a family. Parents and guardians are financially responsible for all unfulfilled volunteer hours. Balances due on incomplete parent volunteer hours must be paid in full by May 10, 2024, to avoid a late fee of $50.  

School Improvement Drive

Participation in this drive is required with a minimum gift of $300. Families who are able are asked to contribute more. This gift can be paid in several monthly payments in FACTS or in one payment by September 15, 2023. All funds are earmarked for a special student-related construction project to improve our students' experience at Our Lady of Grace School.


Family Fundraising Obligation (FFO)

Each family is required to raise or contribute $600 annually.  This obligation can be met through participation in designated PTO fundraisers, direct payments, or a combination of both.  The 2023 – 2024 family fundraising obligation must be fulfilled by April 26, 2024. Balances not paid by May 10, 2024, will incur a $50 late fee.  


The school will use Gradelink to manage the FFO balances of each family. I/We understand that it is our responsibility to login to Gradelink to regularly review my/our FFO account status. FFO printed invoices are not sent home.


Families may opt for one of the following three payment FFO payment options.


  • Option 1: Full Payment – A $600 charge at the beginning of the school year by September 30. See the Office Manager to set this up in FACTS.
  • Option 2: Monthly Payments – Disperse the $600 FFO charge to your annual tuition bill. See the Office Manager to set this up in FACTS.
  • Option 3: Participation in Fundraisers – Fulfill the family fundraising obligation by participating in FFO designated fundraisers in the school year.  Balances must be paid by May 10, 2024, to avoid a $50 late fee.  


Parent Financial Agreement
I have read and understand the above financial policies and agree to fulfill all financial obligations required for my child/children to remain enrolled at Our Lady of Grace School.  I understand that the school uses FACTS as the system by which to collect all tuition and fees. A FACTS account will be created for every family regardless of payment plan type. Each FACTS account will carry with it an associated fee which must be paid by each family. I understand that additional financial obligations may arise in the course of the year not related to tuition. Fees not immediately paid at the school will be added to your FACTS account for payment in the month following assessment of the fee. 


I understand that my account must be kept current in order for my child/ren to continue his/her/their enrollment at Our Lady of Grace School.    


​I understand that this agreement is binding on the mother, father, and/or legal guardian whose information is kept with the school in Gradelink. I understand that the school will only exclude a parent or legal guardian from financial responsibility with the school if (A) said parent or legal guardian is not listed as a primary contact in Gradelink for the student, or (B) if the school receives a notice in writing releasing said parent or legal guardian from any financial responsibility with the school. 




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