A small amount of scholarship money is reserved for the needs of struggling Catholic families active in our parish who meet the following criteria:

  • Attend Mass each Sunday
  • Contribute to OLG parish each Sunday by means of the numbered offering envelope system
  • Fulfill the required hours of volunteer service to the school
  • Submit application and financial records to FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment Company and/or the Catholic Education Foundation by March 18th for the following school year
  • Pay monthly tuition bills on time



Tuition payments fund the fixed charges of the school and allow it to operate a viable academic program.  All families are expected to pay their obligations on time according to a pre-arranged agreement.  Since Our Lady of Grace School is a private school totally dependent on regular tuition payments, re-enrollment at OLG can only be offered to families who are in good standing.  (Good standing is to be interpreted as families who pay consistently according to their formal agreement with the school.)  No debt will be rolled over to the following year.  Any money collected for something other than tuition (extracurricular, registration) will be applied to the tuition debt.  All tuition payments and fees must be paid and up to date before a student will be cleared to participate or pay for any extracurricular activities, graduation, or other school ceremonies.​​



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