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​​Plan Administrators

​​Each health, safety, and emergency plan must have a plan administrator, who may be either the location's person i​​n charge or the designated person(s) or team.

The plan administrator:

  • Creates, implements, and maintains a system of record-keeping for Emergency Plans​​​ and other health and safety programs

  • Keeps abreast of and maintains current information about health and safety regulations from the local, county, state, and federal levels that affect the location's operations and activities

  • Acts as a liaison with governmental agencies and the archdiocese

  • Distributes archdiocesan policies and procedures on health and safety

  • Reviews injury and illness trends of employees

  • Establishes a health and safety team comprised of other staff members, in consultation with the person in charge; preferably, the staff members assigned to the health and safety team should come from the following areas: professional/managerial/educational, administrative/clerical, and custodial/maintenance

  • Where a safety team is established, the plan administrator may delegate his or her responsibilities to safety team members, who are then designees (the delegated responsibilities should to the extent possible relate to the duties normally performed by that safety team member, and the plan administrator remains responsible and accountable for the team's performance)

  • Collaborates with other leaders at the location on safety matters and emergency preparedness procedures

  • Ensures that staff and/or students at the location understand how to and are able to complete assigned tasks safely

  • Determines the safety training needs of all staff and/or students at the location

  • Advises the person in charge of staff and/or student training needs

  • Conducts on-the-job safety training of staff who need it and maintains a record of the training

  • Ensures equipment and machines used by staff and/or students are in safe operating condition

  • Ensures that staff and/or students follow codes of safe practices​

  • Ensures that staff and/or students wear or use required personal protection equipment​, including during all athletic activities and in laboratories for science, art, etc.

  • Corrects unsafe and unhealthful conditions discovered at the location or in location operations

  • Inve​stigates accidents to dis​cover the cause, identifies corrective action to prevent recurrence​, and reports all​ a​ccidents​ to the archdiocese

  • Conducts periodic inspections of work areas according to the appropriate inspection guidelines or checklists

All staff and students are encouraged to inform their respective supervisors, plan administrator, or person in charge of any matter that the individual perceives to be a hazard or an unsafe condition or practice. Staff members may report unsafe conditions by using the Safety Survey of Interior Conditions and Operations Self-Inspection Checklist and the Safety Survey of Exterior Conditions and Operations Self-Inspection Checklist. If a staff member wishes, he or she may make such reports anonymously by depositing the report in the plan administrator's mailbox.​