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Parent or Visitor Campus Visits 

Parents are not to drop-by their child’s classrooms. Parents are to ALWAYS check in the school office immediately when visiting the school grounds during school hours. Student items (lunches, sweaters, books, etc.) are to be dropped off in the school office and students will find these items on the shelves in the lobby. 

For the safety of the students, no one may be on the campus without permission from the school office. All visitors are to sign in and sign out in the school office and will be issued a visitor’s pass. Visitors needing to use the school’s restrooms may ask for the key to the adult bathrooms in the school office.

Early Pick-up of Student

If you need to pick up your child before dismissal, please come to the school office and sign him/her out. Your child will be called to the school office where he/she may be picked up. The office will ask the teacher to send the student to the office when the person picking up is at the school. 

Security Cameras

The school has a camera system to ensure the students and faculty are in a safe environment. The cameras are placed in several locations in the T-K area as well as at the front entry gate to identify those requesting entry, the outside of the school building to observe the playground, lunch area and north doors, and in the hallways. Parents and guests should buzz at the gate and wait for entrance.  If several parents arrive at the same time they should enter together, however, if you do not know someone at the gate, ask them to please buzz in separately.  Please do not ever ask a student to open the gate for you!

Emergency Procedures

Saint Philip the Apostle School each year implements a fire, earthquake, and shelter in place safety awareness and evacuation program that is designed to insure the safety of each child and adult upon the school premises. Our students are drilled in a well-established program of fire, earthquake and shelter in place safety. Please review with your child occasionally the procedures of these drills.

Saint Philip has on hand emergency food and water plus a solar blanket for each child. 

Should a serious earthquake or emergency occur, all students will be retained at school until dismissed to the care of an adult who has been designated by the parent/guardian to pick up the child(ren).
In case of an emergency, adults will be allowed to enter only from Holliston at the gate near Holy Angel Hall. Identify yourself to the adult in charge at the entrance, who will direct you to your child(ren). No vehicles will be allowed on the school grounds.

  • No child will be allowed to go home alone. 

  • Students will only be dismissed to the adults listed on the Emergency-Earthquake-Disaster Card

  • Please list only adults with a reasonable chance of getting to the school in an earthquake emergency.

Only those names that are listed on the Emergency Card may sign out a child. Parents may add as many names to their card as they wish. Neighbors or other school parents who live near school are good choices.

In an emergency that necessitates the full removal of students from the school facility (or students remain on grounds for a longer period in a less severe disaster), then EVACUATION TO ANOTHER SITE AWAY FROM SCHOOL GROUNDS MAY BE NECESSARY. Please be assured that we would attempt to take every precaution to ensure the wellbeing of your child(ren) in this event. Our staff would attempt, in such an emergency, to take all students to the nearest officially designated shelter area. Tune to your local radio station to learn of the closest shelter area provided.

Evacuation Site

In case of an emergency and the need to evacuate, the first choice site for St. Philip the Apostle School is Grant Park, located two blocks down on Cordova St.

Earthquake Procedure

Students inside a building should:

1. Drop  hold on to a desk or table leg.

2. Listen for teacher's directions.

3. Evacuate the building under the direction of the supervising adult.

4. Go to the center of the play yard (in an earthquake).

5. Be calm, quiet and listen to the roll call.

Students outside should:

1. Drop to the ground.

2. Stay clear of buildings, cars, power lines, light poles, etc.

3. Stay in the clear, be quiet, and wait for further instructions.

Parents should:

1. Not phone the school.

2. Listen to the radio for information

3. Report to the school security gate to collect child(ren).

4. Sign child(ren) out.

5. Be calm.


If the fire alarm is heard, students are to freeze and listen to the teachers’ directions. Students will not exit the building unless they are directed to do so by administration.  If directed to evacuate, students are to quietly and quickly line up and proceed to their assigned area on the playground. 

Shelter in Place

A shelter in place situation occurs when the school determines, either by administrative decision or notification by law enforcement, that there is a possibility of danger at school or in the immediate neighborhood.

An intercom announcement may be made. If the students are in class, they will remain there until safe. If they are outside (recess, P.E., etc.) they will return to class or an adult-supervised location and remain there until safe.  The school will do all that is possible to notify parents and to keep them updated, however, the primary concern of the school will be the safety of the students.  


Any student suffering an injury is responsible to report such injury to the yard duty aide, teacher, or school staff representative. Please make this known to your child. Children who leave the school premises and are not on a scheduled field trip are NOT covered by insurance. Accidents must be reported to the school office within 24 hours after an injury if you wish to benefit from the insurance program.

Siblings Not Insured At School

Children that are not enrolled at Saint Philip the Apostle School are not covered by the school’s insurance policy. Therefore, siblings may not accompany parents that are volunteering or performing any service hours at the school during the school day or chaperoning on any field trips.