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Cellphones and other portable communication ​devices (iPhones®, androids, iPads®, Apple watches, Samsung Gear watches, etc.) may be brought to school with written parental permission. 

However, all portable communication devices must be turned “OFF” and stored in a backpack, book bag, locker, or other place where the device is not visible. 

Portable communication devices may NOT be turned on at any time during the regular school day for any reason, except to call 911 in emergencies, or with the express permission of a responsible adult in authority.

This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, study hall, lunch breaks, class changes and any other scheduled or non-scheduled activity that occurs during normal school hours.

Before and after the end of school, students may use portable communication devices, but not inside school buildings that are still being used for school-related activities or on school buses.

Portable communication devices may be used at after school activities that are not conducted in the school, provided that they do not interfere with the activity or school operations.

If a student uses a portable communication device or any of its functions for any reason during the school day without express adult permission, the following measures will be taken:

  • The device will be confiscated from the student
  • The device will be returned only to the student’s parent or legal guardian
  • Depending on the circumstances, the student may be denied the right to bring the device to school
  • Repeat violations of the policy will result in disciplinary measures appropriate to the circumstances, including expulsion if warranted
  • If a device is used for cheating during a test, the student will be removed from the testing situation and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken
The school is NOT responsible for lost, misplaced, stolen broken portable communications devices or for any unauthorized use of such devices. The school will NOT pay to replace devices that are lost, misplaced or stolen after they are confiscated and will NOT pay for any communications charges.  


Students are provided a school email account. These email accounts are intended to be used for educational purposes, classroom instruction and school-related communication/collaboration needs. These email accounts are the property of the school and may be cancelled at any time without prior notice. Students’ use of email and other electronic/online accounts are a privilege not a right. Students who misuse these accounts, or use them for inappropriate and/or illegal purposes including threating others, sharing inappropriate messages and/or content, or for cyber-bullying may lose use of these accounts permanently or have their privilege suspended and will also receive a detention or pink slip. Further disciplinary action will be taken (at the principal and/or teacher’s discretion) if behavior becomes repetitive.  


Parents are asked to cooperate in limiting classroom disruptions to genuine emergencies only. Lunches, forgotten books and assignments, messages about after-school pickup arrangements will not be delivered to class. Students can come to the school office to check their voicemail or text messages or to pick up an item parents have delivered for them. 


  • Students may not use the school office phone, extended care, or cell phones.
  • In cases of emergency, the school office will notify the parent immediately. Forgotten assignments, books, uniform including P.E. clothing, etc. do not constitute an emergency.

​​For more information on the archdiocesan policies on electronic communication, usage and devices see below.​