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Communication is an integral part of the parent/school connection. Parents are encouraged to participate in their children’s education. All parents are required to access Gradelink consistently and frequently. Parents should set up email alerts for themselves. Teachers update grades every 2 weeks. We encourage communication with faculty and administration.

To resolve questions regarding grading, behavior, classroom procedures, parents are to:
  1. Contact the teacher FIRST.
  2. If the situation is not resolved, parents should contact the principal (Mrs. Ornelaz), Vice Principals (Mr. Muir, Ms. Dall), and/or one of the Teacher Leaders/Coordinators.
It is important that parents and teachers recognize the necessity of proper communication. Any matter involving a student’s work or behavior should be discussed with the teacher first. Call the school and leave word with the school office personnel. Teachers/Administrative staff will get back to you with a suitable time and place for the conference.



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