The Archdiocese of Los Angeles welcomes international students. Through the cultural exchange of learning, praying, playing, and growing together, the presence of these international students enriches the educational and religious experiences of everyone in the school community.

All international students who do not live with a relative must live with host families who are identified on the student's I-20 forms. Student apartments, dormitory-style living, and unsupervised living are not permitted, even if the students are 18 years old or older.

The school is not involved in the selection of host families. A letter from the student's parents/guardians that identifies and approves the host family and place of residence is required.

The parents/guardians, host family, and/or Agency, if used, shall notify the school if there is any change in the student's host family or residence.

Faculty, staff, coaches, and/or their spouses may not serve as host families or guardians.

Host families are required to meet with the school for orientation and periodically thereafter. Host families must attend meetings and functions required of domestic parents/guardians. Host families that are not contractually required to attend safe environment training are nevertheless encouraged to do so.

All international students are required to be enrolled in a religion course for a grade/credit each semester (see Knowledge of the Faith). The international student will be expected to participate, as appropriate, in religious functions and events.

The school is not permitted to waive all or part of international students' tuition, or grant them any type of scholarship or financial aid. The full international student tuition must be listed on the I-20 form  and the school is bound by federal regulation to collect the specified amount. ​

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