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The procedures listed here are designed for the safety and protection of your children. Parents are expected to follow the directions of the Staff and School Administration in the event of a school emergency. All staff members are updated annually on school safety and security procedures that align with the school’s Emergency Plan.​

St. Euphrasia School personnel are trained to respond appropriately in the event of emergencies. The procedures for all emergencies are contained in the school’s Emergency Plan. The school is required to maintain provisions in the event of a natural disaster/emergency. Fire and Earthquake drills are conducted on a monthly basis. During these drills, students practice safety and security procedures to follow in the event of an emergency.
If evacuation from the school site is necessary, the children will be taken to a designated evacuation center. (Keep tuned to your radio for this information.) When the children are picked up from school or the evacuation center, it will be necessary for someone to sign for the children and indicate where each child is going. EACH child will be released to a parent or to someone authorized by the parent (on the Earthquake Emergency Authorization card). Keep your child’s records updated regarding release to individuals.
Require that parents respond as follows:
  • ​FIRST DAY – Follow the decisions of the local public schools in our geographic area (Robert F. Frost Middle School, Van Gogh Elementary School, El Oro Way Elementary School, Rinaldi Adult Center). Listen to radio stations KGIL 1260 or KNX 1070 between 6:00 and 8:00 a.m. during an ongoing disaster.
  • SECOND DAY – Danger will be re-assessed and appropriate action taken. If the school is to remain closed, a reasonable effort will be made to contact you, using the school emergency information School Reach system.
Note: Emergency contact will also be made through the GRADELINK system. Parents/guardians can expect that a notification will be made by phone text, e-mail and posted on the school website (if possible). We will also use the Gradelink email system to notify you.
Fire drills are held monthly and the children are taught fire prevention.
Practice drops are held on the same day as fire drills as a means of preventing injuries in case of an earthquake. Each classroom is equipped with water, an emergency bag and private porta potty. Upstairs classes are equipped with emergency window ladders. Emergency Kits are stored in our Emergency Shed on the Shoshone Street side of the parking lot, along with the general emergency supplies.
The safety and welfare of our students is an important responsibility of teachers and the principal. At no time is their safety more important than when a state of emergency arises during the school day. Public safety officials say the school environment provides the safest possible protection during an emergency when coupled with developed procedures and a plan of action. It is imperative that we – teachers, parents and students – be thoroughly and adequately prepared to meet such emergencies. A common strategy and a coordinated course of action are musts if we are to avoid confusion and possible tragic results.
When police activity in the area warrants a lock down, the lock down code will be called by the administration. All classroom doors will be locked. No student will be released to any parent/guardian during lockdown. All classrooms are equipped with emergency supplies, including porta potty and privacy tents.
We will follow the advice of the South Coast Air Quality Management District whenever a smog alert is issued. If your child has a health problem, you may send a note requesting he/she remain indoors. Physical education classes will be restricted or held indoors when the District advises, and after-school sports will be canceled.​

Parents are notified immediately of serious injury or illness that may occur during school hours. For this reason, you must notify the school office when there is a change of phone number or persons to be contacted when parents cannot be reached. It is understood that enrollment at St. Euphrasia School confers upon the school the obligation to select emergency care providers in the absence of our ability to reach the parents and that no liability would attach to such a decision in the event that parents cannot be reached.​



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