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Teachers are not available to discuss any problems with the parents/guardians during class time or during yard duty hours. Anyone who wishes to consult with the teachers or the principal should send a note with the child or call the school office requesting the appointment. Then the teacher or principal will respond within 12-24 hours in writing or by telephone to confirm a day and time. Teachers are responsible for assigned student supervision and instruction during school hours. Parents are encouraged to reach out to their child’s homeroom teacher via email also. Please remember that teachers are asked to respond to any email communication within 24 hours. St. Euphrasia School recognizes that we are partners with our parents in the education of our students.​

Divorced or separated parents must file a court-certified copy of the custody section of the divorce or separation decree with the principal’s office. The school will not be held responsible for failing to honor arrangements that have not been made known in writing.