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Time is allowed for a small nutritious snack during recess. Snacks should be eaten while seated outside on a bench away from the school building. Special snacks may be provided for birthdays and are to be dropped off in the School Health Office by 9:30am. Parents are to defer to their child’s teacher as to the type of snacks that are preferred. Please note that students are not allowed to bring glass bottles or thermoses to school at any time. 

The children eat in the grade level designated lunch areas. Classroom assistants provide supervision during lunch and recess times. All boxes and bags must be clearly labeled with the child’s name and grade. We encourage the use of reusable sport type water containers. Typical plastic water bottles have a negative impact on the environment. Parents are asked to send healthy nutritious food. PLEASE - No soda, candy, etc. We encourage all students to bring foods that promote a healthy lifestyle. If your child forgets his/her lunch, bring it to the school office (Mayerling entrance gate). Parents are not to deliver their child’s forgotten lunch to the classroom. Lunch can be ordered daily through Choicelunch​. Please see their website for details.



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