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At the end of each term, if a student is below grade average in academic subjects, behavior or work habits, she/he may be placed on probation for the following trimester. Students who have missed more than 20 days of school in a trimester may also be considered for academic probation or grade level retention. In that event, parents will be notified, and the student and parent may be required to sign a probationary agreement. Non-compliance to this agreement may prevent the student’s continued enrollment at St. Euphrasia School.
In the Catholic school setting, our mission is to “Teach as Jesus Did”. The Support Team Education Plan (STEP) is a process to address the needs of the students in our schools and to facilitate participation in the Catholic school curriculum. We are called to celebrate the unique gifts of each child, which are a reflection of God’s love. Students who display difficulty in being able to meet grade level standards may be referred to the school’s STEP (Support Team for Education Planning) process.
The decision to retain a student is made subsequent to the student referral for the STEP process. The decision is based upon consideration of the overall welfare of the student, academic, emotional, and social maturity factors. If the student is not retained, they may be given a “conditional pass” in the subject area of concern. This means that the student is required to complete a summer school program that is a minimum of 45 hours of instruction in core subjects (reading, math, and writing). The successful completion of the required summer school program will then allow the student to enter the subsequent grade level in the fall.​



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