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During the Tuesday AM Assembly Awards, students and classes are awarded periodically for Fruits of the Spirit Make A Difference Awards, Accelerated Reader, Accelerated Math and the Knights Bear. 
All students are encouraged to work to the best of their ability. Students are recognized for Honor Roll if they maintain the following standards in Grades 4-8:

  • 1ST HONORS: (A Honor Roll) 3.5 – 4.0 grade pt. average
  • 2ND HONORS: (B Honor Roll) 3.0 – 3.49 grade pt. average​
Averages are based on grades in the following subjects: Religion, Reading, English, Vocabulary/Spelling, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Arts (Visual/Musical/Media) and Behavior. All subjects must have a passing grade, and not more than a total of three (3) check marks can be received in effort/study/ behavior skills. Any student who receives a D, F, or Unsatisfactory in any subject is ineligible for the honor roll. Students who have received a formal office behavior referral in that trimester are also ineligible for Honor Roll recognition. Students who have excessive absences/tardies (defined as 20 or more in a trimester) are ineligible for Honor Roll status. An exception to the tardy/absence policy can be made for extreme circumstances and after discussion with the student’s teachers and vice principal/principal.   
Outstanding class citizens are selected on the basis of Christian attitude and behavior, relationship with peers, commendable behavior in the classroom and on the playground, and responsibility. This recognition is designed to go to those students who clearly and consistently do more than the basic requirements of proper conduct. Their names are published on the roster with the Principal’s Honor Roll, and they receive special recognition at the Awards Assembly. Sports awards are presented at the Sports Award Banquet for fall, winter and spring sports. Recognition is given to the athletes on the school athletic teams. Sports awards are given out at scheduled sports assemblies and at the year-end Sports Banquet. 
Students can earn a Make A Difference Fruit of the Spirit Character Award randomly (all grades) for following through on the character theme of the month and for “making a difference” (a significant and unexpected difference) in the life/lives of people in their school community.  Students can receive this recognition from any adult on campus and when a student receives the award, they write their name on the back and place one side in their classroom “Make A Difference” box and take one side home to share with his/her parents.  Class boxes are brought to the 1st Tuesday of the Month AM Assembly and a name is drawn out randomly from each box at the AM Assembly.  Student names remain in the box all year long so students have an opportunity to have their names drawn from the box all year.  Monthly awards are given out to students (whose names are drawn) by the principal and the nature of the award varies month to month.

Awards are presented at the graduation ceremony for students who have achieved the following:
  • Honors Entrance to High School
  • Honor Roll Status for the previous two years (grades 7 & 8), and good citizenship during their years at St. Euphrasia School
  • The President’s Awards for Academic Achievement/CJSF are also awarded to students who maintain consistent Honor Roll status and who achieve a high score standard on a national exam
  • Additional service awards are distributed for Parish (Altar Servers) and School Service (Student Council Officers)



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