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St. Euphrasia School publishes a number of school related materials in various media including the yearbook, brochure, website, alumni newsletter, posters, Facebook, Instagram, and other informational or promotional materials. As a condition of enrollment at St. Euphrasia School, parents/guardians are consenting to the use of pictures or videos taken of their students in such publications and without compensation for such use. In respect to all published materials and media, except the yearbook, there will be no personally identifying information that relates a student’s image to his/her personal information such as name, telephone numbers, addresses, names of other family members, names of friends, e-mail addresses, specific location of a student at any given time, grades, or any other academic information, unless written permission is granted by a parent/guardian – however, pictures or videos of groups of students involved in a school-related activity may be identified by the group name (i.e. the name of a team, club, extracurricular activity, or other student or school related organization). The yearbook will contain information identifying students to their pictures, but such identification will be limited to student name and class only. At the beginning of each school year, parents/guardians are given an opportunity to ensure that their child is “opted out” of any of these pictures by returning the required form back to school within the first two weeks of the school year.
Photographs or videos taken by school personnel or staff are the property of the school. Photographs or videos taken by parents or third parties and provided or submitted to the school become the property of the school without compensation, unless otherwise agreed. Such photographs and videos may be used as determined appropriate by the school for school purposes and remain the property of the school whether displayed in a school publication or not. Photographs and videos are often taken by parents, family, visitors, and students at sporting events, concerts, presentations, graduation, and other activities where students are present and the public is allowed. These photographs and videos may be published in print or posted on websites by those taking them. St. Euphrasia School has no control over the use of such photographs and videos. However, school students and families publishing or posting such photographs and videos must do so within the conduct policies of the school. Occasionally, permission is requested to photograph or videotape our students in their school activities by a person or organization not employed by the school for non-school related purposes. In such a case, permission to photograph students will be explicitly requested from a parent/guardian.​