​To preserve the academic environment and security of the school, Archdiocesan and parish high schools are designed as "closed campuses." No person may enter the campus without lawful business authorized by school administration.  Visitors are directed to the Office for desired information or business. Visitors are not to be allowed on campus at any time without the expressed knowledge and permission of the school administration. Any person on campus without the permission of the administration will be asked to leave immediately. Any individual who returns to campus after being asked to leave may be referred to the Police. Students should discourage visitors from coming to campus before school, during nutrition, lunch and after school. Nor should students engage in conversations with visitors through the fence or on adjacent sidewalks or streets. Students from other schools are allowed on campus to attend SGHS activities such as but not limited to dances and athletic events. SGHS students are responsible for their guests and may face disciplinary actions for their guest's behavior. Class visitations may be approved for prospective students with advanced approval through the Admissions Director and/or the Dean. Students may not take care of relatives on campus during the school day. Any items to be delivered to students should be done through the attendance office/student store. Parents/guardians, family members and friends should not hand items through the fence to students. No teacher may give a student permission to leave campus.​