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Saint Genevieve Parish School recognizes that there are numerous disasters that could occur on school grounds such as fire, earthquake, and other situations that cannot be anticipated. The following emergency plan is a framework to describe the responsibilities and tasks of faculty and staff. The principal has the legal and moral responsibility for the leadership of the school.

In the event of an emergency, Saint Genevieve Parish School will make every effort to communicate the status of our students to Parents/Guardians; however, it is extremely important that Parents/Guardians do not attempt to come to school to remove your student. Parents/Guardians are asked NOT TO TELEPHONE THE SCHOOL in the event of a disaster. If the telephones are working; we will need them to make calls to emergency agencies, news agencies and school system support personnel.

During and after an emergency, the school's emergency plan is essential to ensure that everything possible is being done to save lives, prevent injuries and protect property. It is vital to the continued functioning of the school and its staff and students that we are prepared to respond effectively in times of emergencies. Students and staff may be relocated to areas on or near the campus in the event that the school building proper or the school grounds pose a hazard to the staff and students. The locations of On-Sight Emergency Response Teams will depend on location of the crisis and damage to the facilities. Should the building become a hazard, access will be restricted and no one will be allowed to enter or leave the building until local officials have given us clearance. 

In cases of emergencies, we as the faculty and staff of Saint Genevieve Parish Schools, have an obligation to do our best to care for the students to the best of our ability.  Familiarizing yourself with the procedures below as well as our announced and unannounced practice of these drills throughout the year will help ensure that we are able to remain calm and organized in the event of an emergency.

The emergency plan has as its primary objectives:

  1. To save lives and avoid injuries.
  2. To safeguard school property and records.
  3. To promote a fast, effective reaction in coping with emergencies.
  4. To restore conditions back to normal with minimal confusion as promptly as possible.


Possible Situations for Activating Emergency Plan

  • a  Civil Disturbance
  • a  Lock Down
  • a  Fire
  • a  Earthquake
  • a  Bomb Threat
  • a  Power Loss
  • a  Chemical Spill/Hazmat situation
  • a  Severe Weather of any kind​


The fire department requires that every school conduct regularly scheduled fire drills.  Everyone on campus is to participate in the fire drill and follow the directions given by the faculty and administration.


Assembly Bill 2786 (Katz, 1984) requires this school to establish an earthquake emergency system.  Each school is to develop a building disaster plan which outlines the roles, responsibilities, policies and procedures for students and staff in order to maintain the safety and care of all. 



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