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  • Parents are not allowed to drive on campus to drop off or pick up students.
  • Students should be dropped off and picked up on Ranchito, Community or surrounding streets.
  • Parents should remember to drop off and pick up in "Safe Areas". Avoid dropping and picking up students at the cross walk, stop signs, red zones, and in the middle of the street. Not only is it illegal, but it is extremely unsafe for everyone.
  • Parents should avoid making U-Turns and Y-Turns for the safety of students and pedestrians. These are illegal at stop signs.  
  • Please do not block the faculty parking lot entrance on Ranchito.
  • Parents are discouraged from dropping off students on Roscoe Boulevard in the morning because no stopping is allowed between 7:00 and 9:00 AM on Roscoe. It is dangerous and a traffic violation!
  • Please be respectful of our neighbors and do not honk, block driveways or move their trash cans.
  • Please be courteous to teachers, administrators, our security guard and adults helping to control and monitor the traffic at both schools. Remember to slow down and be careful for the safety of everyone!
  • Students are advised not to walk through any alleys around the Woodman and Van Nuys area or through any alleys on their way to and from school.
  • Students are responsible for informing their driver, if other than their parent/guardian of our school rules and policies when being dropped off or picked up.


Parents should not drop off students on Hazeltine and have them walk through the elementary school in the morning, unless they are dropping off younger siblings at the elementary. The elementary school has plenty of traffic congestion and parents should avoid that area.  To avoid traffic issues in the afternoon, parents are urged to avoid Community and pick up their students on the side streets like Colbath or Costello or further down Ranchito towards Woodman.  For safety & insurance reasons, we ask that students do not arrive at school before 7:30 a.m., since it is impossible for the school to provide adequate supervision before that time. This same policy holds true after school for students who are waiting for rides or who have not departed campus and do not have an after-school activity. Students should be picked up within 20 minutes of the daily dismissal time. Any student who is not involved in an approved and supervised after-school activity may not remain on campus after 20 minutes of dismissal. It is the parent's responsibility to know the whereabouts of their student once school has dismissed.  Students should not loiter outside nor around the school campus or in front of neighbor's homes.



Students should be picked up promptly after their activities. Students and parents are expected to abide by the "20 Minute Rule" when a student's extra-curricular activity has concluded. In regards to Night School events or upon returning to school from an event supervision is provided for one half hour. Parents who are late in picking up their children will assume the cost of the personnel supervising. The cost may be $10.00 for every fifteen minutes.​


Students are not permitted to leave campus for lunch or nutrition. Once students arrive on campus, students must remain on campus until the school day has concluded. Students needing to leave early will need to check out with the Main Office.



No student may leave campus without the expressed permission of his/her parents.  Requests for early dismissal, other than for illness, must be made by telephone and in writing to the Main Office. Parents are asked to cooperate with the school by not requesting for an early dismissal slip, except in cases of an emergency.  Medical and dental appointments should be scheduled outside school hours. Students who have been granted early dismissal must agree to leave campus at the time designated for their departure. 


Saint Genevieve High School wishes to maintain good relations with our neighbors. Local residents have a right to privacy, private property, and freedom from profane and/or abusive language. Students must not loiter, litter, trespass or cr​​​​eate problems for residents of the community. While Saint Genevieve High School cannot be held responsible for the acts of students off campus, the administration may take disciplinary action. Students should always behave in a Valiant manner, on or off campus. 



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