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The students are to park off campus on the street surrounding the school and must avoid blocking driveways.  Students are to observe all city posted signs regarding parking.  Students are not permitted to park on school or church premises. The school is not responsible for the vehicle or its contents.  Students are not permitted  to go to their cars during the day unless they have permission from an administrator. The speed limit in school areas is 25 mph.  Speeding in the vicinity of the school constitutes dangerous driving and makes a student liable for disciplinary action. Vehicles can and may be searched; anything found in a vehicle driven to school by a student is considered to be in the possession of the student. Please be respectful of our neighbors and do not honk or block driveways.

The school accepts no responsibility for any tickets, damages, or accidents your student may acquire by driving to school.​


Saint Genevieve High School wishes to maintain good relations with our neighbors. Local residents have a right to privacy, private property, and freedom from profane and/or abusive language. Students must not loiter, litter, trespass or create problems for residents of the community. While Saint Genevieve High School cannot be held responsible for the acts of students off campus, the administration may take disciplinary action.



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