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​​​The Department of Catholic Schools has a standard process for recruiting, selecting, developing, and retaining effective school principals. Elementary school principals are selected and evaluated by the pastor, in collaboration with the Department of Catholic Schools and in accord with its process. Employment of principals is for one year only with the possibility of renewal.

Each year for elementary schools, the Department of Catholic Schools determines the following:

  • The date for advising principals if employment will not be offered for the following year

  • The deadline for principals to give notice if they do not wish to be considered for employment for the following year

  • The deadline for principals to accept the invitation for employment for the following year

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles seeks leaders who promote development in the faith by implementing, coordinating, and overseeing the religious education program of the school; ensure the growth of every student by advocating, nurturing, and sustaining a school culture and holistic instructional program that is based on Gospel values and results in high expectations for all students and staff professional growth; and promote the success of all students by ensuring appropriate management relative to finance, personnel, fund-raising and development, marketing and enrollment, plant management, and collaboration among all stakeholders.​ Expectations for Candidates and Principals

Principals and candidates for principal ​must demonstrate the capacity and openness to growth in order to effectively lead a Catholic elementary school in the areas that follow.


Principals and candidates for principal will know and be able to:

  • Initiate implementing and updating the catechetical materials and religious instruction resources used in the school; promote the ongoing formation of staff through systematic planning of spiritual growth opportunities​ throughout the year

  • Contemplate meaningful and varied forms of prayer throughout the year; create opportunities for daily prayer and at special times throughout the year; lead and model prayer for members of the school community

  • Model Christian values and promote them throughout the school community; emphasize Christian service learning that is carefully planned, age appropriate, and woven through the curriculum

  • Promote the success of all students by acting with integrity, fairness, and in an ethical manner consistent with Catholic social teaching

  • Ensure that the Catholic culture permeates all aspects of school life

  • Develop and maintain a collaborative culture with the pastor and parish to foster a comprehensive learning environment


Principals and candidates for principal will know and be able to:

  • Develop and maintain a collaborative staff culture to ensure excellence for all

  • Direct a clearly articulated, rigorous curriculum aligned with relevant standards, 21st-century skills, and Gospel values, implemented through effective, data-driven instruction that incorporates research-based methodologies

  • Ensure the implementation of schoolwide assessment methods and practices to communicate student progress and direct the continuous review of curriculum and improvement of instructional practices

  • Provide and direct programs and services aligned with the mission to enrich the academic program and support the holistic development of student and family life

  • Lead the development and implementation of a shared vision for comprehensive integration of technology to promote excellence and support transformation throughout the school


Principals and candidates for principal ​will know and be able to:

  • Understand and manage school finances, including budget development, ongoing oversight and projections, and tuition and fund-raising management

  • Hi​re​, train, and supervise faculty and staff in accordance with archdiocesan guidelines, including the Principal's Transition Inventory​

  • Optimize and maintain student enrollment in order to ensure school sustainability

  • Ensure a safe, secure, and welcoming learning environment

  • Communicate effectively with stakeholders