Grades TK-4 

The school expects students to take the Honor Code to heart and live it in their interactions with others.  Teachers work with parents to help students who are struggling to model respectful behavior in the classroom, in the play yard, and in their interactions with others.  Teachers will communicate with parents through the daily planner, by email, or by telephone.  It is expected that parents will partner with the teacher to use the issue as a learning opportunity for the child. 

Grades 5-8 

The school expects older students to take the Honor Code to heart and live it in their interactions with others.  Older students are expected to have the self-control to model their behavior in a way that represents their faith and respect for Catholic education.  Students who forget to be respectful will be given a Behavior Notification to take home to their parents.  Parents should sign it and the student returns it to the teacher.  Parents do not need to contact the teacher over this interaction as it is just a notification for the student and the parents' benefit and not an official document. Should this behavior continue or should a more serious offense occur, students may receive a detention.  Detention is an official document and is kept on file for the year.  Students who receive detention will serve it after school on Thursdays.  It is expected that parents will partner with teachers as they use the tools provided to help teach students self-control, respect, responsibility, and care for others and the school environment.  


At the discretion of the principal, a student may be suspended for more serious offenses such as causing physical or social/mental/emotional harm to another student, destruction of school property, disrespectful behavior toward school staff, or refusal to follow school rules.  The principal or vice principal meets with parents when suspensions are issued.  Suspension is most effective when parents and the school work together to benefit the student.


​Expulsion​ is reserved for the most serious offenses.  These include but are not limited to gross physical harm to another student, any physical harm to staff, and consistent repetitive bullying behavior.  Additionally, students who use threatening language toward staff or students or who threaten in any other way will be suspended or expelled.  Deliberate destruction of school property may also result in expulsion.  Any of the above could also lead to reports to the local police.