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 Internet Safety Policy (Compliance with the Children's Internet Protection Act)

The Children's Internet Protection Act​ applies to the use of any device accessed or used by minors at a school or library. ​​All schools and libraries must use functioning and properly configured content filters to preclude access to prohibited content, including obscene, sexually explicit materials; adult or child pornography; and materials including applications that are otherwise harmful to minors or in violation of this Acceptable Use and Responsibility Policy for Electronic Comm​unications (Archdiocesan AUP)​.

Content filters for minors may NOT be disabled or turned off without obtaining prior permission from the person in charge at the school or library.

No unauthorized personal identifying information regarding minors may be disclosed, used, or disseminated without proper authorization by the person in charge at the school or library.

Minors' use of email, chat rooms, social networks, applications, and other forms of direct electronic communication on electronic devices at the school or library must be monitored.

No person may engage in unlawful activities online, including hacking any system while using archdiocese or Location devices or while at any school or library.