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​​News Media Contacts

While locations are encouraged to use the local and Church media to introduce and inform the public about their activities, effective interaction with the media requires professional skills and a broad overview of the archdiocese and Church. Accordingly, no employee may communicate with any member of the press on behalf of the archdiocese or the location without express permission from the person in charge of the archdiocesan Communications Department. All communications by locations with any member of the press in person, by phone, email, websites, or social media are to be coordinated through the Communications Department​ (213-637-7215,​)​.

Communications Department personnel are available both during and outside of regular working hours. In controversial or possible litigious matters immediately contact the Office of the Legal C​ounsel​ and the Communications Depart​ment; if the controversial or litigious matter involves a school, the Department of Catholic Schools​​ must also be contacted. The Communications Department​ will oversee communications and media interaction and will act as the spokesperson or coordinate with those who will speak to the press.​​​​​