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Guidelines for Links

Locations may post links to other websites that are relevant to their mission or provide necessary service or information.

Reflect Catholic Teaching 

Make every effort to ensure that the resources linked on a Location website accurately reflect Catholic teaching. The authoritative sites for the Catholic Church include:

Include a Disclaimer

Links to external websites should include a statement of non-endorsement (a disclaimer). The disclaimer should also state that the person in charge retains the discretion to remove any link. See the Disclaimer for Links to Other Websites (sample).

Respect Copyrights and Trademarks

Do not copy the logo or icon or other copyrighted image to create a link on your website unless the owner grants permission (e.g., the terms of use for Twitter, or YouTube grant permission). Doing so without permission could be a copyright or trademark violation. See Prohibit​​ed Practices and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Copyright and Video Screening Policy.