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Curricular Instruction in Family Life​​

​​​Family life education is intended to provide a comprehensive Catholic view of human reproduction, development and behavior, and personal relationships. The purpose of formalized family life education is to inculcate Catholic values, virtues, and attitudes that relate to the current family life of the student. It is always the responsibility of the parents/guardians to provide instruction in human reproduction for their children. The school partners with parents/guardians to provide a formal curric​ulum in family life. See ​Human Sexuality​​​.

It is recommended that each elementary school curriculum include instruction on family life matters. Even though family life may be taught as a separate course in elementary schools, it shall be integrated where appropriate into religion, science, and social studies, and in a manner suited to the understanding of the students.

Formal instruction on the subject of human reproduction (i.e., a separate course treating intercourse, conception, and intrauterine development) may be included in the elementary school curriculum under the following conditions:

  • The decision to teach the course must be made with the concurrence of the pastor and in consultation with the parents/guardians.

  • Written parental/guardian consent must be obtained for each participating student. The freedom of parents/guardians to discharge their obligation in private shall be carefully preserved.

  • A preparatory program for teachers and parents/guardians must precede the course.

  • Instruction shall be consistent with the principles set forth in Catholic Identity and Religious Instruction.