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​​Role of Principals

​​​​Principals are responsible for assigning faculty to oversee and supervise all cocurricular, extracurricular, and enrichment programs in schools. The programs should be described in each school's staff handbook and parent/student handbook.

Principals or their administrative designees shall be present at all high school athletic events. They are responsible for the overall assignment and/or supervision of coaches, moderators, parents/guardians, volunteers, students, and visitors at these events. At the elementary school level, the coach is responsible for overall supervision of athletic events.

Principals must provide direction and a list of responsibilities for staff and parents/guardians to supervise athletic and social events and ensure that scheduling practices, rehearsals, and events does not interfere with the students' other obligations (e.g., Mass attendance, family, and homework). Principals also must ensure that all coaches, assistant coaches, moderators, faculty, staff, and volunteers involved in the activities follow the safe environment policies of the archdiocese.