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​​High School Admission Guidelines

High schools should consider the following factors when establishing their admissions policies and practices:

  • Parish high schools should normally give preference to active members of the parish. 

  • In cases where the number of applicants exceeds the number of students a school can enroll, Catholic students generally take precedence over non-Catholic students.

  • Each school shall establish an admissions board that consists of some members of the administrative staff and other faculty members who are competent to administer the admissions policy. 

  • Each school shall make every reasonable effort to assist students with financial need. 

  • Schools should not admit students who owe money to another school.

  • Standardized test scores, grades, and recommendations from prior school shall be taken into consideration.

  • The age of a student at admission should be such that the student will be under 20 years of age at graduation.

  • Ordinarily, schools should accept students from public schools only at normal transfer points at the beginning of a semester.

  • For international students, see "Admissions" under International Students in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles​​.