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​Non-Discrimination Documentation

The Internal Revenue Service requires non-public schools to maintain a School Student Non-Discrimination Policy so those schools are recognized as tax exempt.​

​A​rchdiocesan schools must demonstrate this policy by annually publishing the School Student Non-Discrimination Policy.

​For parish schools, the pastor should publish the School Student Non-Discrimination Policy in the parish bulletin. The school should retain a copy of this parish bulletin in the school file. The statement of non-discrimination also should be published each year in the staff handbook, parent/student handbook, and admissions materials. All schools should submit documentation of the published policy to the Department of Catholic Schools​​.​

[Note that by complying with this Internal Revenue Service requirement the archdiocese is not waiving any legal exceptions or exemptions that may apply to it as a religious nonprofit organization.]

7-7-21, 8-16-22​