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Responsibilities of the School and Students

The school must:

  • Establish a policy, provide staff development training, and provide age-appropriate information to students that is ​designed to create a school environment free from intimidation, harassment, and bullying
  • Make all faculty, staff, students, parents/guardians, and volunteers aware of this policy and the commitment of the school toward its strict enforcement

  • Remain watchful for conditions that create or may lead to a hostile, offensive school environment

  • Investigate complaints about conduct that may violate this policy and take appropriate action as warranted

All students must:

  • Conduct themselves in a manner that contributes to a positive school environment that conforms to Catholic values

  • Avoid any activity that may be considered intimidating, harassing, bullying, or hazing 

  • If possible, inform the person(s) engaging in conduct that is considered a violation of this policy that the conduct is offensive and unwelcome 

  • Report all incidents that may be considered intimidating, harassing, bullying, or hazing​ to the principal or teacher​