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Student Threats

The school will take all student threats seriously, including those from students that threaten to inflict serious harm to themselves or others or to destroy property. Whoever hears or becomes aware of any threat made by a student should immediately report it to the pastor, the principal, or a teacher. The principal should notify the police and the Department o​f Catholic Schools​ immediately.

The student who has made the threat should be kept in the school office under supervision until the police arrive. The parents/guardians of the student who has made the threat will be notified by the school. Any student or adult who has been identified as a potential victim, or mentioned in writing as a potential victim, should be notified immediately.

​The student who has made the threat shall be suspended​ until the police and school investigation has been completed, and at that time the s​tudent may face other disciplinary sanctions, up to and including expulsion​.

​The school will take all actions of a threatening nature seriously, including practical jokes or offhand comments, and the school will investigate them. The school may remove a student​ from school​ while the investigation is pending.

​On a case-by-case basis, the pastor and principal will make any decision to re-admit a student who has made a threat.

​This student threat policy shall be communicated clearly to students, parents/guardians, faculty, staff, and volunteers.