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​Responsibilities of the School Administrator

​​Although a research project may have received prior approval from the Department of Catholic Schools​, the principal, in consultation with the pastor, is responsible for determining whether to participate in the research project. 

The researcher must provide the participating principal with a copy of the approval letter from the Department of Catholic Schools; a copy of any communication to teachers, parents/guardians, etc.; and a copy of all materials and/or instruments to be used.

The school and researcher must make every effort to minimize disruption to the daily school schedule.

If the subjects involved are students, permission for their participation must be obtained in writing from parents/guardians and Informed Consent Forms and Subject’s Bill of Rights forms (“Disclosure Materials”) must be provided to students and parents/guardians.

Informed consent requires that parents/guardians are given sufficient information about the research, prior to granting permission for their child’s participation in the research project. Informed consent also implies that parents/guardians, upon written request to the school and to the researcher, may preview the Research Materials at the school. Except where the school is informed that the Institutional Review Board has waived the requirement, minor students who participate in the research project must give their assent.  

If requested, all Disclosure Materials and, where possible, all Research Materials must be provided to the students and parents/guardians in the language with which they are most familiar.

Disclosure and Research Materials must be carefully supervised by the principal or the researcher, since appropriate ethical and professional standards must be observed in the use of copyrighted materials, such as test instruments. (Some tests are protected under copyright laws and ethical guidelines prohibiting prior review by test subjects must be observed.)

Appropriate educational activities for children in control groups or for children not participating in the research project should be considered and provided, if necessary.

Communication to parents/guardians about research projects should be handled in collaboration with the principal. The names and addresses of students or parents/guardians should not be given to the researcher without the prior consent of the parents/guardians.

The local school administrator, in consultation with the Department of Catholic Schools, retains the right to withdraw from participation in a research project.​