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​​​Rights of Parents/Guardians​​

​Parents/guardians must be informed if a research project involving their child is to be conducted at the school and they ​​must be provided with sufficient information about the research to enable them to give informed consent. Parents/guardians have the right to withhold permission allowing their child to participate in research studies. Parents/guardians have the right to withdraw their child at any time from a research project without reprisal.

​Parents/guardians have the right to request to preview the materials to be used in a research study that involves their child. Requests to review the Research Materials should be made with appropriate written advance notification to the school and to the researcher.

​Except in a limited range of research areas where an Institutional Review Board determines that a waiver of assent is appropriate, student assent to participation in a research project must be obtained. If a student reaches the age of consent applicable to the subject matter of the research project, the student must be given the opportunity to provide informed consent. Students have the right to withhold their assent and have the right to withdraw without penalty. Students who are not participants in research studies may not be singled out in any way or penalized.​