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​Informing Parents/Guardians about Removal​​​​​​​

While it is primarily the role of the law enforcement officer to notify the parents/guardians that a student has been taken into custody, the person in charge shall also take immediate steps to notify the parents/guardians about the release of the student to the officer and where the student has reportedly been taken. See Removal of a Student from School during School Hours​. However, the person in charge shall not notify the parents/guardians when a student has been removed from school as a victim of suspected child abuse or the officer has specifically requested that the student's parents/guardians not be notified. In the case of suspected child abuse, the officer will determine whether to notif​y the parents/guardians that the student has been removed from school. See Removal of a Student from School during School Hours​​. The person in charge shall provide the officer with the address and phone number of the student's parents/guardians.

The person in ch​​​arge at the location should always obtain the following information:

  • The name of the law enforcement officer or Child Protective Services representative 

  • The officer's badge or ID number 

  • The phone number of the police station 

  • Instructions from the officer regarding parent/guardian inquiries concerning the whereabouts of the student 

For a case involving child abuse, see Interview of Students by Law Enforcement or Child Protective Agencies.​​