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​Personal Appearance of Students

​It is recommended that each school publish regulations and guidelines regarding appropriate dress and grooming in the parent/student handbook. The regulations and guidelines should emphasize good taste, neatness, cleanliness, and modesty.

Parents/guardians and students are expected to cooperate with the dress code. If there is a disagreement about a student’s acceptable appearance at school, the principal will make the final decision, in consultation with the regional superintendent as needed.

At his or her discretion, the principal may deem unacceptable any particular item of student dress or appearance that is not specifically mentioned in the parent/student handbook but is inconsistent with the school’s regulations.  

Non-uniform dress is a privilege granted to students at different times during the year. Non-uniform dress clothing must be neat and modest. Parents/guardians are responsible to ensure that students are dressed in a manner suitable for Catholic school students.

If a student frequently violates the published standards of dress, grooming, or hygiene, and the school has asked the student to follow the standards, the school should seek cooperation from the parents/guardians to ensure compliance with the standards.

In questions of personal appearance, it remains the principal’s discretion to send the student home for the remainder of the day. If a student is inappropriately dressed, the school may also reserve the right to require that parents/guardians bring an appropriate change of clothes to the school.​